February 2021

My Other “Real” Jobs.

Some of you may know, I am not a professional musician. 🙂

However, I have earned a living in live music since 1994 providing professional Disc Jockey services. I started my paid career at the Westside Sports Bar is Mississauga, Ontario.

Since then I’ve had the pleasure of making money providing DJ and Karaoke services for weddings, private events of all sorts, pubs and bars, and more.

Back in 2016 I started a business side-hustle, flipping items for cash. It has grown into retail and presently shifted in to e-commerce.

You can checkout my website at miltonwares.com

The business also utilizes other e-commerce platforms and services to sell our products such as EBay and Amazon.

It is a very interesting business and I’m always searching for the next great buy to flip for profit.

Sometimes I document in the forms of video some of my experiences in this business adventure. You can check out that journey on my YouTube Channel here.

Please feel free to check it out and if you enjoy the content, consider subscribing for updates on new stuff I share. 🙂